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God has called us to prepare and upgrade our television equipment and studios for the great spiritual harvest that is about to come. Please help us!


 - For a one-time special gift of $1000 (or $100 per month) you will become a standard bearer for Canada helping us to change the spiritual atmosphere of our nation.  Can we count on you?

 Call us TODAY with your special financial gift and request your very own prophetic house

 flag with the words 'God Keep Our Land' proudly emblazoned with the cross.


                      Phone 1-403-942-0123


Partnership is a powerful word!  It brings to mind images of two or more people who work together toward a common goal.  Each person has a part to play in ensuring an ultimate victory.


Dick and Joan have a heart for Canada and want to see God’s glory spread from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. This nation has a God-given destiny and Dick and Joan along with their partners are working to see the spiritual atmosphere of Canada change.


Do you have a heart for this nation?  Do you want to see Canada fulfill her destiny and be filled with the glory of God? Then consider joining with Dick and Joan by becoming a monthly partner of this ministry.  Together you and others like you will be the supporting force that God has called to see revival come to our nation.

What does a partner do?  Partners with Dick and Joan extend their faith 3 ways:




They pray for Dick and Joan, the television program, and the ministry events of LifeLine Today.



They help Dick and Joan by telling others about the ministry, the TV program, and the events and conferences that are held.



They support Dick and Joan financially with their monthly gifts. This ensures the ministry can continue strong.

What to give?   The Bible says we should give cheerfully an amount that we feel God is leading us to give.  Some of our partners give $1 a day or $30 a month. Others give $50, $100 or more per month.  It’s up to you.  We also have some wonderful benefactors who are willing and able to help the ministry with our large projects and give one-time large gifts to help us with the costs of television equipment and airtime.


Why not pray right now and ask the Lord how He wants you to partner with Dick and Joan?  Then simply contact us and let us know. We’ll answer your questions, send you information about the ministry from time to time, and send you a thank you gift for coming on board with us!

Thank you for partnering with us! Together we agree in faith that Canada shall be saved!

One - Time Gift

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Monthly Partnership

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Donations receipted by Dominion Broadcasting Society
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